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2016-09-07 16:23 GMT+01:00 Paul Moore <>:
> Looking at the OP's first suggestion, does lfs.dir correctly handle a
> directory containing a filename that's not encodable in the current
> codepage on Windows? Sure it's (to an extent) a specialist case, but
> it matters a lot to some applications.

No, but the same problem applies to That's why I patch both
Lua [1] and LFS [2] in my Windows builds [3].


Shameless plugs aside, I don't think Lua needs more stuff in the base
libs. Lua is maintained by a few guys on their spare time. Seeing how
releases are already quite infrequent, I don't think burdening them
with more stuff to maintain instead of improving and evolving the core
would benefit anyone.

The standard libs are already quite sufficient for a very common set
of use cases (manipulation of text files), and serve as an example of
good practices for people that want to expand that. I personnally do
everything in Lua, from MCU firmware to 3D rendering to build
scripting (and more). It takes a bit of effort, but all you really
need is to know C, and it gets easier and easier as your toolbox