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Hello all,

Quoting Valentin (2016-09-06 20:39:53)

> [...] I had noticed that there isn't really any module for playing
> audio/midi/video etc. in the LuaRock repository. I also have code that
> allows media support based on Apple's AVFoundation framework on the mac
> platform, so I thought maybe both, DirectShow and AVFoundation, could even
> be unified as a feature-rich "multimedia" Lua module (and if some Linux head
> chimes in, even gStreamer under Linux could be added).

In Linux/Unix systems it is possible already to use GStreamer using the
(awesome) “lgi” module [1], which is a binding for GObject-Introspection [2]
that gives access to most of the libraries used by GNOME. For an example on
how to use it, check [3].


 ☛ Adrián


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