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Hi list,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, sorry if not. I'd like
to "promote" a little Lua extension I just created: an extension called
"directshow" (directshow.dll) that allows Lua applications to do all
kind of media related stuff (win only, obviously).

Short self introduction: I'm a long time developer, but just came to Lua
recently (when dealing with SciTE) - so please don't be cruel when you
see my lua demo scripts ;-)

I already had the C++ code for this extension for a another platform (a
plugin for Adobe Director), so porting it as Lua extension was no big deal.

The directshow extension - in combination with appropriate filters -
allows e.g. stuff like this:
- play audio/midi/video files
- create and play DirectShow filter graphs programmatically
- save/load saved filter graphs (in *.grf format)
- open and play input devices (like e.g. USB cameras etc.)
- record audio/video and save to file
- transcode media files from one format to another
- register/unregister filters (needs admin privileges)

The extension was built with MS VS C++ 2005. I still have to clean up
the source code a little before releasing it to the public, but you can
download a binary version of directshow.dll linked to lua51.dll
(combined with various demo scripts, test media files and filters, the
DLL itself has just 68 KB) from:

I've tested the extension (using Lua 5.1) it in all mayor Win versions
from Win XP SP3 x86 to Win 10 anniversary x64 - but of course that
doesn't mean that it doesn't have bugs.

My intention for this post, apart from "sharing is caring", is also to
find out if there is any interest in something like this and if it's
worth the hassle to create a LuaRock for it.