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Hi there,

Quoting sur-behoffski (2016-09-09 04:04:12)

> [Sorry for the non-threaded message; I read lua-l via the digest.]
> Up until a few weeks ago, I tried to keep my code completely clean
> with the C90 standard enforced (all warnings forced to errors).
> I am on the GNU Grep list, with crossovers into other GNU projects,
> especially gawk and glibc, and have noticed that they have decided
> (I'm not sure when) to move from C90 to C99 as their standards
> base, but are making the change slowly and evolving the code
> carefully.

My feeling is also that many C projects have been slowly moving to C99 in the
last few years — even the ones wanting so support obscure architectures or
eperating systems. My understanding is that one of the reasons for many of the
projects is that compilers and runtimes provided by Microsoft didn't support
C99 at all until recently.

Personally, I have been writing C99 for my personal projects for the last ~5
years and I haven't found any issues. Truth be told, they are Unix-only :-)
Compiler support in GCC and Clang has been complete and very stable for even


 ☛ Adrián

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