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On 6 September 2016 at 15:39, Valentin <> wrote:
> Hi Thijs,
> thanks a lot for the explanations. That creating a rock would mean
> actual work was also my first impression when I looked at the LuaRocks
> manual. That's why I thought I might first check out if there is any
> real interest in the Lua community for multimedia features (which is
> where I come from). I had noticed that there isn't really any module for
> playing audio/midi/video etc. in the LuaRock repository. I also have
> code that allows media support based on Apple's AVFoundation framework
> on the mac platform, so I thought maybe both, DirectShow and
> AVFoundation, could even be unified as a feature-rich "multimedia" Lua
> module (and if some Linux head chimes in, even gStreamer under Linux
> could be added). But my current impression is that media support is not
> really something the Lua community has desperately waited for ;)

The Lua community is very widespread. has only recently
become more of a central hub. There is lot of people interested in
multimedia + Lua (especially in the game development community). I'm
sure some people here can give some input. Gaspard Bucher gave a
multimedia art performance based on Lua at Lua Workshop 2014; Elihu
Mejia gave a live coding visuals+music performance using Lua at
LuaConf 2016. So yeah, there are people making great multimedia stuff
with Lua! Perhaps all that's needed is a push towards LuaRocks to make
these projects more visible and collaboration easier? :)

-- Hisham