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On 26/08/2016 10:44, Soni L. wrote:


   My guesses?

    1) Just because ...

    2) Soni is questioning assumptions and trying to get us to think
       outside the box using a Socratic method.

    3) Soni is upset that # doesn't honor the __index method.

    4) Soni is trolling us.

   I think the answer might be a bit of 1 and 3, but I'm not
discounting 4.

How can it be 4 if it's based on the previous idea of removing the
length operator and stuff? Trolls don't expand on ideas, they just post
them once and don't pay attention to feedback. That makes me not a troll.

You give for granted trolls are necessarily stupid or carelessly naive. We have had a couple of very smart and technically savvy trolls in past years who had a remarkably sophisticated trollish behaviour (I can't say if they intended to troll from the beginning or not, but the net result was that of trolling all of us who tried to mingle with them). And their sophisticated trolling allowed them to keep people busy much longer than if they simply started shouting and yelling at people.

BTW, I don't feed trolls, so the fact I'm answering you is a signal I don't think (yet) you are a troll.

This nonetheless, I think you are a bit deaf on what people tell you (besides strict technical matters), so you end up looking like a sophist. Sophism can be good food for thought sometimes, but too much of it decreases the signal-to-noise ratio of this list in a way most people here would find fatiguing or even annoying.

That's why (I suspect) you get such a bunch of "off-topic" answers to an interesting question like the one you started this thread with.

   -spc (I'm beginnign to see why Socrates said "I drank what?")

-- Lorenzo