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On 8/30/2016 1:07 PM, Paul K wrote:
Thank you for the feedback. I've seen one report of this issue and I
think it's caused by having the install done on top of the old one (I
changed the location of wxlua library, so you probably ended up with
the old and the new one and the old one gets picked, which doesn't
have these constants defined).


That is exactly what I did. On this PC I had 1.20, and on the other 1.30. In both cases I simply ran the 1.40 installer and let it do the default thing.

At the local console, print(wx.wxVERSION_STRING) said "wxWidgets 2.9.5" which I was just beginning to wonder about since I though you mentioned upgrading wxWidgets further than that.

I renamed aside bin/wx.dll and now it says "wxWidgets 3.1.1".

I already fixed this in the repository, but you may simply re-install
into a new folder and the issue should go away (or delete bin/wx.dll


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Cheshire Engineering Corp. 
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