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On 8/29/2016 11:01 PM, Paul K wrote:
I'm pleased to announce the new release of ZeroBrane Studio v1.40.

Love ZeroBrane Studio. Lightweight. Works. Powerful.

On Win10 (both Pro and Home) I downloaded and ran the Win32 EXE installer to update my older installations. Install ran without problems, launched the IDE and opened my latest project on each machine as expected.

But, the Output window has a message: "onFiletreePreExpand event failed: src/editor/filetree.lua:920: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'wxFSW_EVENT_CREATE' (a nil value)"

The message recurs every time the project's tree view is refreshed. I'm not a wxWindows user, but as a wild guess, was there a name change for event watchers?

This release also includes an upgrade to wxwidgets 3.1 with a number
of stability improvements.

At a glance, this message is just a nuisance, but I haven't played with the IDE much yet at all.

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp. 
+1 626 303 1602