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Glenn Travis <> wrote:
> I got the source code and installed it using the terminal ‘make’ command
> in my home directory. 

'make' only builds the program. To install it, you’d need to run 'make
install'. This is what led to your next set of issues. What you missed were
(some of?) the instructions in doc/readme.html. You followed the
instructions for building Lua, but not for installing Lua, I think.
> This seems to be a bit complex, so I am asking if this is what I am
> supposed to do on my iMac? 

If I were you, I would probably look into installing and using Homebrew
( It makes it relatively simple to install things like Lua
on Macs. It will take you a little time to install and learn how to use
Homebrew, but it might save you time in the end. Then again if you really
only want Lua, then you should be fine if you follow the instructions for
installing Lua in doc/readme.html.

Hope this helps, Peter
We have not been faced with the need to satisfy someone else's
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