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On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 4:57 PM, TW <> wrote:
I personally love XPath for querying XML.  I never tried it, but maybe
LuaXPath is an option for you?

Thanks, but is that package still maintained? There is no xpath.lua file. I'm open to any other solutions as well.


2016-08-08 15:03 GMT+02:00 Gary Madarm <>:
> I am trying to parse an XML file
> ( and
> access specific elements (vuln:cve-id, cvss:score and cpe-lang:fact-ref). I
> am using the SLAXML library ( to parse the
> file. I can access element values by specifying the exact location, e.g to
> access the CVSS score for the first entry run:
>> return doc.root.el[1].el[12].kids[2].kids[2].kids[1].value
> 4.3
> However, because not all entries contain the same number of children
> elements I can't simply rotate the element ID to access the CVSS score for
> the entire document. How can I access the document via element names
> instead? Is there a better approach to parsing out the three values I need?
> thanks!