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I personally love XPath for querying XML.  I never tried it, but maybe
LuaXPath is an option for you?

2016-08-08 15:03 GMT+02:00 Gary Madarm <>:
> I am trying to parse an XML file
> ( and
> access specific elements (vuln:cve-id, cvss:score and cpe-lang:fact-ref). I
> am using the SLAXML library ( to parse the
> file. I can access element values by specifying the exact location, e.g to
> access the CVSS score for the first entry run:
>> return doc.root.el[1].el[12].kids[2].kids[2].kids[1].value
> 4.3
> However, because not all entries contain the same number of children
> elements I can't simply rotate the element ID to access the CVSS score for
> the entire document. How can I access the document via element names
> instead? Is there a better approach to parsing out the three values I need?
> thanks!