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[School vacation over and a public excuse still waiting for a public

But I'm not sure what to do with your mail.  Accept and go on?  Would be
easiest.  Well, but I did exactly that once already.  I'm too tired
looking-up old mails of yours, but AFAIR[1], last time your "excuse" --
insisting on the same I-like-to-play-hard mantra -- had the added
benefit that you sent it on your own account (off of another mailing
list).  My answer being just "No problem."  Obviously, that doesn't work

He'd be a fool who accepts once again.  But what could that mean?  On a
public list, not much, I guess.  There's no effective, yet
non-self-destructive way to deal with abusive posts for mere
subscribers.  If there's something positive in it, perhaps this.  Next
time, Dirk, you can spare at least one reply.  I have no interest in
collecting triplicated excuses of yours.  Whatever list.

And now I'll go on.

Stephan Hennig

[1] I think I do remember, as or because I don't remember receiving any
other formal excuses by mail before or after.