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2016-02-04 23:37 GMT+02:00 Sean Conner <>:
> It was thus said that the Great Stephan Hennig once stated:
>>  Yes, you can look-up metamethods in secondary documentation.
>>  But since that is neither guaranteed to be up-to-date nor to be
>> correct, I'd appreciate primary documentation covering the use-case of
>> quickly looking-up metamethods, i.e., to include a list of all metamethods.
>   Here: at the bottom
> of the message is a table of all Lua metamethods and the versions they're
> defined for.

The implacable OP would doubtless dismiss that as "secondary", even
though he himself described it in a follow-up as "Nice table!".

The table nevertheless has a few features that make it near-primary.

1. It is complete over Lua versions from 5.1 to Lua 5.3.
2. It appears in the archive of a publicly available mailing list for Lua users
regularly read and contributed to by two of the Lua designer-maintainers,
neither of whom has found it necessary to improve on anything in it.
3. Constructive suggestions for such improvement are however available,
made by none less than the OP himself [1], dotting i's and crossing t's with
his customary trichoschistic thoroughness.

Clickable from the URL in the quoted post.