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It was thus said that the Great Stephan Hennig once stated:
> Am 02.02.2016 um 18:42 schrieb Roberto Ierusalimschy:
> >> In the remainder of the manual, metamethods are marked-up as
> >> 
> >>   * two leading underscores
> >>   * followed by the event name
> >>   * within <code> tags.
> >> 
> >> How can that be grep'ed or searched with an editor for metamethods?
> > 
> > A search for '__' works pretty well for me.
> Sanitizing (which grep can't) the results of a search for pattern __%w+
> in the manual gives me only 16 [1] out of the ca. 30 [2] metamethods
> available.  Yes, you can look-up metamethods in secondary documentation.
>  But since that is neither guaranteed to be up-to-date nor to be
> correct, I'd appreciate primary documentation covering the use-case of
> quickly looking-up metamethods, i.e., to include a list of all metamethods.

  Here: at the bottom
of the message is a table of all Lua metamethods and the versions they're
defined for.


[1]	Not my Footnote.