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Am 25.01.2016 um 15:02 schröbte Peter Aronoff:
On Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 07:54PM, Paul Merrell wrote:
A gentle reminder that if you want people to share in the Lua library
goodness you create, you need to list your library on the correct page.[1]

It's helpful if you include in your description which versions of Lua
your library has been tested with.

I'm not sure if this was specifically for me or a general reminder, but I'm
curious about it either way.

When I need a lua library, my first instinct isn't to go to that wiki at
all, but to go to LuaRocks[1]. And it's suprising to me that the wiki
doesn't even mention LuaRocks.

LuaRocks is listed under LuaDistributions[2], and LuaBuildSystems[3], and it even has its own wiki page[4].

I'm wonder if this is just a cultural split between (relatively) newer and
older users of Lua. I'd be curious to hear other thoughts.

I usually go to as well when looking for libraries. If it's listed on the wiki but not LuaRocks, that's usally a sign that the module is unmaintained or for an old Lua version I don't use anymore (e.g. Lua 5.0). And there are many modules on LuaRocks that are not listed on the wiki. That said, there is a lot of wisdom to be found on the wiki, but you usually have to translate the ideas to more recent Lua versions.