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luasocket is old and unmaintained. it shouldn't be used for new projects.
i've been using lua-curl since a while and it works great for me. it
supports ssl out of the box and can do async too.

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 7:03 PM, Paul K <> wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
>> This library doesnt appear to have a windows binary available.  So I have to build it myself, with not very good build notes.
>> I wonder if I could  snag the luasec  *.lua files and *.dll file I need from my  Zerobrane Studio installation ? That might be a simpler solution ?
> Yes, you should be able to get all the files including the binary from
> this commit:
> The DLL is no longer packaged with the IDE, but you can still get it
> from the archive. Note that you still need openssl libraries installed
> and referenced in PATH, but they come with many applications, like
> wget, svn, and others.
> Another option is to compile luasec using the build scripts from ZBS.
> You'll need to pull the latest changes from the repository and then
> run "(cd build; bash lua luasec)". This should build
> and install ssl.dll in the right place under ZBS tree (and it will
> include all the dependencies) as long as you have mingw/msys or tdm
> installed.
> Yet another option is to try luarocks or luadist
> (;
> you'd still need openssl libraries and headers though.
> Paul.