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I have used Lua ocket to get a few web pages downloaded in the past without a problem, but have hit a snag with a specific webpage I am trying to download.

I am trying to extract some data from the Betfair homepage.

local webText = http.request([[]])

I get back a small chunk of html which contains the text "The document you requested has moved to a new location.  The new location is ""

This is the exact url link I passed to the function, so cant understand why the problem is occurring.  If I view that site in any browser it displays the full web page without needing me to register or login or anything like that.

So the Server is detecting I am not using a browser and not giving me the page I require. I have tried tinkering with the headers sent by LuaSocket to make it look more like a Firefox request but to no avail.

Could anyone offer a suggestion as to what I need to do to fix this problem please.

Thanks for any assistance.

Regards Geoff