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Hi Geoff,

> This library doesnt appear to have a windows binary available.  So I have to build it myself, with not very good build notes.
> I wonder if I could  snag the luasec  *.lua files and *.dll file I need from my  Zerobrane Studio installation ? That might be a simpler solution ?

Yes, you should be able to get all the files including the binary from
this commit:
The DLL is no longer packaged with the IDE, but you can still get it
from the archive. Note that you still need openssl libraries installed
and referenced in PATH, but they come with many applications, like
wget, svn, and others.

Another option is to compile luasec using the build scripts from ZBS.
You'll need to pull the latest changes from the repository and then
run "(cd build; bash lua luasec)". This should build
and install ssl.dll in the right place under ZBS tree (and it will
include all the dependencies) as long as you have mingw/msys or tdm

Yet another option is to try luarocks or luadist
you'd still need openssl libraries and headers though.