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> We use Lua 5.3.1 in our project's server, but in client we use UniLua
> which compatible with Lua 5.2.
> After we use bit32 library, we found that to define LUA_COMPAT_BITLIB
> cause compile error: bit32 library use luaL_checkunsigned, which is
> already deprecated already. to use it, we should also define
> So, it's needed to remove use of luaL_checkunsigned, or define
> LUA_COMPAT_APIINTCASTS when luaconf.h found LUA_COMPAT_BITLIB defined?

Thanks for the report. My suggestion is to fix the library itself,
for instance with something like this:

#if !defined(lua_pushunsigned)
#define lua_pushunsigned(L,n)   lua_pushinteger(L, (lua_Integer)(n))

#if !defined(luaL_checkunsigned)
#define luaL_checkunsigned(L,a) ((lua_Unsigned)luaL_checkinteger(L,a))

We will fix that in the next release of Lua 5.3.

-- Roberto