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I brought up "Kepler" as a possibility at FOSDEM, but IIRC more than
one person mentioned that this name carried too much historical
baggage, and/or would be confusing, and/or brings the issue of
unmaintained Kepler modules getting in the mix.

Speaking of options laden with historical baggage, there is also the "luaforge" Github user, which hosts a large number of seemingly abandoned Lua modules:

This is account is currently controlled by myself, but I have roughly 0 hours per month to spend on it (and have been doing a rather poor job of it as a result).

I am not sure if reviving "LuaForge" as an organization is worth it, but perhaps it's worth considering. Also, regardless of where this discussion goes, if anyone wants to volunteer to help out with the old luaforge site and code, let me know.

 - yuri