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On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
> Seriously? Who run Lua on a MS-Dos box these days?
> The time of 8.3 is over, fortunately.

not completely.  hard drives are NTFS, which is 8.3-free, AFAIK; but
almost all removable devices use FAT, which still have 8.3 names in
the directory structures and just a (very) thin layer of sane
filenames on top of it.  (and CDs are even worse!)

And remember how convenient it is for so much people to run
'unapproved' development environments in a thumb drive... and the rise
of "portable install" applications.  Even some embedded systems (that
are otherwise posix!) run part of the system in an SD card... that
might be FAT-formatted

I guess the most 'dangerous' filenames for FAT devices would be those
that are the same up to the first dot, and have the same "extension"
(that's an awful concept on itself... but that's a different fight
anyway).  For example:


all this would fall in files called LUA5~XXXX.EXE, hopefully the
"XXXX" garble would be consistently different.

Of course, given that i have never heard of a non-technical user to be
affected by the 8.3 legacy, I guess modern name-mapping is rock-solid
as long as you don't meddle with the FAT structures.