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Dear Szbnwer,

In software development, there is a concept called "interoperability,"
which is defined for information technology purposes by ISO/IEC Joint
Technology Comittee 1 as:

"interoperability is understood to be the ability of two or more IT
systems to exchange information at one or more standardised interfaces
and to make mutual use of the information that has been exchanged. An
IT system is a set of IT resources providing services at one or more

This concept has its parallels in human languages. For example, what
is written in French may have little meaning to someone who
understands only English.

I am one of those persons, with the exception of a smattering of
understanding of Latin and Vietnamese. My English interface has
certain expectations about the data it is to process. Your writing
does not fulfill those expectations. Hence I can only imperfectly
process your writing.

If you wish to communicate to me actual information rather than
gobbledygook, you will need to write in English or some language
Google can translate rather than your own highly personalized and
customized variant of English. Otherwise, you are writing only to
attain personal gratification rather than engaging in communication
with others.

I would feel differently if English were a second language for you and
you were obviously struggling to communicate in English nonetheless.
But that does not appear to be the case.

Therefore, I shall not attempt to translate what you wrote into
comprehensible English. So enjoy writing to yourself.

Best regards,


[Notice not included in the above original message:  The U.S. National
Security Agency neither confirms nor denies that it intercepted this