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epic troll

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 3:18 PM, <> wrote:
hint 4 readin: read this previously Re: Idea. Removing nils from the language., this1 mayb eazyer to understand, decide it on ur own, but its my handsign how im writin and way of my own thinkin even in my own language wich is 1 of the hardestz to learn 4 otherz...

[i wanted it as a replay for the topic wich is behind the upper link 4 first time, wich mail waz moderated cuz the length, so i opened a new topic but wid the same content]
Eduardo: i have much more and a huge undone project and i gonna write these down cuz i kno at least 1 man got interested in my stuff otherz gonna join us when they set them free of that evil gramma

so fuk my pridefulness i gonna give the start of my todo 4 u all, and it seemz infinite in possibilitiez in every directionz and there are instant solutionz for a lotsa stuff included ;)

0th - the main concepts -  its a fund and its a tower of babel, there gonna b a lotsa dead-end alwayz, but the goals for it are these:
- automatized: detect solve try again try different ask uzr uze default or terminate unhappy; go back give it to the uzr wait to the uzr start it again start next job
- understandable: 4 humanz mainly without knowledge and reading books, i think lists descriptions and icons are pretty enough 4 the dumbest mothafuka wid a "/!\ u gonna shoot ur leg bro cuz ..., do you still think ur so clever and cool or believe me?! - yes/no/watever", but we need also structures, a lotsa wire to every possible place in 2 directionz and editable vizual stuff. there can be anything uve ever saw like math graphs flowsheets hidden menuz for the list wid everything thats useable wid proper handling 4 I/O and errors and any knowledge about it, in the given scope - eazy as a <mouse3> click and a main/root menu, the better is wich takes less time 4 understanding and givin the uzr the eaziest way to see and edit anything/everything with the least TEXT possible; 4 the comp as convert to an universal form anything wich uses the same funds, its neccessary to make an univerzal form for the best useage, and compatibility like 'we found an ancient script but we have no idea what grammar can it be', cuz we deleted the originz cuz we have a better stuff, and it can detect or ask anythin and even can give the uzr colorful stuff 4 it like tasty settings everywhere
- transparent: as u can resolve anything like source errorz settingz possibilitiez originz, and sho them with marks highlights graphs statistix or anything - uze imagination...
- selectable sets: i mentioned these previously as they are maximal 4 the 'central tree', minimal for commondore64 and stuff, uzr specified - differences from a timestamped default so it can go back to the origins, and it have the two end of start and finish in time wich is univerzal (we have NTP everywhere), and it can be compared via its raw math, and put together wid another stuff made in the same time. but its dangerous for space if we log everything so we need to flush shit anyway and keep dna of everything after its nuttin more 4 usage, we need 4 sur a default i think it can be called ultimate wich is fully brings the best tested implementation from everything comes from diagnostix statistix usage statz or even voting for a lotsa thingz (and fuk buerocracy we have wordwide systemz 4 ppl widout paperjunk and waiting 4 politix fuk them and fuk slavery)
- univerzal: like builtin compiling, converting, there shud b a big set of the existent and possible stuff, like human scientific and comp languagez, and converzionz meaningz methodz alternativez connectionz behind them, and then we can write a program in a language and bring it to any other, put together stuff from different languagez verzionz etc etc etc ;)
- '-1st': its us. human beingz. we are makin every machine 4 us, makin our life better, and go farer, and not 4 exists 4 themselves only, even if they can be, but its a higher level, i gonna continue this line wid a shitload workin planz for this desired AI, if we reached the neccessary point. so yep there are systems in the great world ppl behind them and reorganizing takes time and patience or blood. if i wud tell every plan of mine up to now, i wud make the world explode and ppl wud kick their writing desks, and stab their bossez wid the 1st pen theyve seen in the same moment when the revolution touchez them. so the most important angle is to keep safe the ppl, they need time and patience, but not too much, it gonna explode anyway, no1 can stand this shit, and i already lit the wick, we can handle zeroz in their life, as the wize said "if it worx 4 ages, why we shud stop it right now and make total anarchy?!"?! the solution is that we have to give place for ppl to act, when we kill their slave loop, cuz these are automatizeable and unneccessary like marketing the job of the ~75% of the humanity... so we need to replace these bullshit wid possibilitiez, and kill any existing stuff only after the last person behind it also gave hiz/her new possibilitiez and place! everyone have at least one skill and at least one interest, so they can have their place, like we can kill marketing in the very first steps (but not as THE 1ST step!) and they can make design organizing and proper descriptions helpdesk workz or even more complex cool stuffz. we cant hold this 8h++ work time cuz work gonna disappear from a lotsa ppl in this way and its unstoppable already now, so we need only to count together the existing workz and divide it 4 ppl, and give money as a median>minimal and thats all. anyway money gonna die in this way and work gonna b a hobby and u can spend ur time wid art science aaand family+friendz :) as free software makerz doing their stuff as hobby and solutionz 4 their life, wich are solutionz 4 otherz life as well, the job is to say to ur surrounding "do anything, cuz i did a whole hour of science and phizikal work" mwhahaha :D . moneysystem can stay still during changing, its eazy as we have every statistix 4 magic numberz in life, and math and programming 4 make it cool, and we can say "okhay lets give this stuff a chance" count 90% wid ur old numberz and slowly set month-by-month the 10% between 0 and 20. and if it worx well ppl are happy and we can make 80% from the constant bullshit wich worx at least... we need also to cut off slowly every continuous income and outgoing money cuz they are not cost but slavery, like insurrance, when we made a lotsa free time and resources to help otherz mayb we can make pools and give more to the poor than the rich, or if the rich gives from hez/her money time knowledge equipmentz workterminalz and stuff more, he still can get hier level help - easy as the 1st grade :) authorz can still exists as they dont get only and/or lifetime licensez, i think the 10% of the income of one implementation would be infinite much, but its kinda okay til it wuz really work not 4 everyone or monthz behind it, and we can slowly decrease it cuz "ok bro dont make me slave, it wuz cool, but now do anything new 4 my blood" and 1-5yr can be a good starting 4 this countdown, anyway human reorganizin takes time... and statistix can reset the numberz day after day month after month to everyone be happy :) , no1 can have slaves only workmates and divided income in the function of who built what and what the stuff reached in the existence and uzefullness, aand finally in this important money line 'start education v0.1' its all about ppl, and we cant harm anyone with math not even the rich, who have family workplaces organizations and an income needed to keep up what he/she have made cuz these makes bleeding pain death hatered wars and stuff like!

1th - neccessary:
- Lua <3 : cuz it can reach every hw, scriptable/compileable, cool syntax and possibilitiez, widout mentionable junk, fast, lightweigh, compatible with everything i can imagine that can be on a computer, can replace undestand uze and being uzed by anything, its strong enough 4 a CryEngine, its rly handsome, readable and eazy to uze and learn ... and stuff :) anyway im coming from web since i wuz in 4th grade (im 23 now and i wont count how much yr it is...) and more than 5 yrz python, but i didnt have any big projects previously i had a lotsa better stuff than programming like ppl learning and magic (nevermind when we gonna drink 4 sucess i gonna tell more ;) ) and python just died in my eyez like 4 monthz b4, so i searched 4 the perfect language right from assembly 2 make my stuff anyway, and ive found Lua wich is cool, and i have more than enough angles why i can rely on it, and not otherz - ur in a good place here and thx 4 everythin dear ppl wo made it <3
- tekUI: its the greatest stuff ive found 4 graphics mayb we can uze 2/3D librariez 4 advanced stuff but i think we shudnt, cuz my plan is to make everything wired together and they are in the same language and we can load these huge stuff to the environment like we want muzik moviez gamez etc and then load it, but if everything in one tree (there can be a 'misc' in every structure in the worst case) it can be dangerous to unhandle it, but its not a big job, a flag as a switch is enough 4 every possible casez ... so tekUI once again - as i mentioned we need those colorful buttonz, and we can uze them 4 advanced hardcore stuff 4 programming as flowsheets, my main concepts are these: an environment box wid cool menuz 4 everything on the top (global stuff); one next line for switches filters searcherz commandz etc (4 the actual scope or a webpage and fixed infohotline wich mayb can be in a 0th line or a 3rd line or nevermind...); at the left side a tree viewer 2 human search and organizing, and there can be scope and dependency infoz, as color schemes arrows guidelines hidden menus or in a reorganized new tab made from the original 1 :) lotsa kawl stuff and more; a main part of the window where is our environment, and a bottom line for a few extra info; a more advanced mouse like as it sayz the possibilitiez 4 menuz for resizin and stuff, and it shud have a scriptable and drawable face and inherited faces from the orginal 1, wich are needed to be so intuitive as the window resizing and text insterting pointerz, but wid gestures colors or anything, cuz the mouse is the fastest stuff ppl can act wid, so build it well even if there are a lotsa already cool features it have, but its in background and can be so hardcore widout killin performance :) and touchscreenz can also give us hints wid a few graphix; and everything have to be replaceable extendable and there can b everywhere a tablist on the top of the items, for any purpose, like to extend or get parallel enviroments. mayb 4 first it would be the wisest to uze a text editor where we can highlight and mark everything in a text and searcher parser generator checker and other functionz 4 it and then we reached almost the point where we can generate codes 4 platforms for jobz for verzionz for languagez and anything. if we dont have to waste time to resolve a code as what can it be where it comes if therez a nonraw version in the background is logging our bullshit and handling syntax changing namespace changing state of the moment, wire in a popup to the funcnames description usage origin and even the definition code - we are wasting our time wid searching and handcoding. the point is to apply every change where it needed wid a proper description of it, run it in an editor a test box in real time and rewrite the previous verzion. the next step is the graphical flowsheet where we can do every task without playing the "what should be its name" game, we can wire it nameless, and give a name later, if we just invented SpanishWAX2000TM or just a name for later use, and anyway an access point in the structure is enough, names are for humanz. and we can make more templates on same funds like browzerin playin renderin anythin stuffin
- access to filesystem hw and deeper stuffz, without borders but brighter warnings. and stuff shudnt b separated as its local and its from the internet, just mark it and tell when we are disconnected and what we cant do outside or cant trust as we gonna find it again later...
- occupy a server or ask for 1 or dunno :D where we can build it together and wich gonna exists for a very very long time, it shud contain the maximalist version of this stuff, and it can generate from its self the implementz for platformz languagez taskz etc. and where u can get more stuff like market rocks and other pools but an almost living one cuz it can give only parts of the self and run on its own or it can b strictly deactivated, if ur afraid of a robot apocalypse then ur feelin the same. the functions are abled to be reached limited in GBs, the pix vidz dezign muzik archivez logz dictionariez gamez and databasez can be huge, but the functions takes only a small 'dna' from the whole, and u need max 3 bigger game in the same time max 3 human language max 2000 pix 100 vidz 100 progz and these not so impossible numbers for ur comfort wich wont fill a modern copmuterz disx, so its unneccessary to fear of, but we can weigh programs, set packages (wich are needed to be breakable and selectable, but against garbage we need to mark them as sets, if they are not whole they are not installed with the name just contained by an another wich i needed, so we can clean stuff anyway cuz therez wont be unknown and lost in the great sea). and for ourself to make the stuff together, and its not github or linux pool or anything existent but they have good features anyway, but they arent ours, i think... so i mentioned thoze timestamps earlier that they would be good and its against versionz - with timestamps we can do every possible job for build parallel and built stuff together. programs can be putted together automatically and if it have enough information avaiable and wired together, we can make text and graphix 4 humanz in a standard generated way, just watch any service manual manpages how they seemz ... every text comes from humanz made for other humanz every of them have their own simple rulez and we shud kno what can stand together and check if they are, and a human language can contain a lotsa hard stuff, but its nothing in small pieces or for such a psycho(logyst) like me, just its a big big stuff together... but we have dictionariez 4 slang (sry 4 didn suggested it earlier) 4 ppl 4 misspellng (+algorythmz) 4 work and very proper onez for scientific languagez, we even can resolve and reorganize behind schemes and namespaces or a closed sourcecode (even from the I/O we kno everything) and these all are so eazy to understand and program them with raw math behind and a colorful live picture in the foreground
- Firestar seemz a good starting to serverfree encoded p2p and its aiming kinda same goals for working together, but i dont kno too much about it, but its free opened and written in C and Lua so its cool. anyway a server is okhay for sync ppl and then ppl gonna handle the connection widout the server and they can have their freedom then...
- LuaJIT: we need to do that raw math and its good but its not neccessary til we can reach every hw and our math can give us more math wich is immediately 4 the computerz, but it shud b parallel wid human versoinz, or its enough to build them a colorful flowsheet or whatever, and then we wont need to compile and download sources, if the stuff is reversible or therez an algorythm that max ppl understand evil codes
- a Linux (ive chose latest Ubuntu - lotsa packages, batteries inside, fresh, opened etc goodies): if we have already a code handler with any knowledge from the above mentioned we can handle a shitload stuff and optimize them and we also gettin abled to change any stuff in any depth and it gonna disappear in the background when, this stuff start to breathe, like these wordz im typin right now (anyway we can archive anything ... lol) aand it contains the regulationz possibilitiez working implementationz and a lotsa other candy wich are waiting for us :)
- general note: we wont have brands if we realize that "heey dude i can do it as well why can i do it only on ur way wid ur rulz and why i shud give my money 2 u then?!" or "why, if therez a best method for a thing, sum1 evil bastard owned it and what?!" the technology and the knowledge is for every1 cuz it dont need resources and idle time on both sides or anything to bring it from one place to the other, and we can still pay 4 the lost upspeed from hiz/her bandwidth while we borrowed it :D its a joke  as make a trademark for the '+' computation, and slavery, and infinite death is behind us. but then! we can still have our name image time resources and anything stamped to a stuff for weigh ourself in a society and make our career, but what more? as i mentioned maximum a few money for the building limited in time and quantity, or a donation system, or a judgement system wich is from the other way, "ok lets see what uve done previously and we can immediately decide if its a failure or a sin against the society" its sumtin u need to pay 4 or uve payed enough, but wid upper limits anyway! i think nothing would be the best 4 first time, teaching 4 the 2nd, and i think if we make the evil fly to the middle of Australia to the infinite sand and poizonous animalz for a lil revelation journey without anything, 4 learn cooperate wid ppl would be good, 4 teaching only and not kill cage and rope... anyway there were Olympic gamez in Sydney, and they started like this :D they can come back on their own and via new friendz or on their own, and if they didnt learn the rulz we gonna play that game as many times as we want mwhahaa mayb he/she even stay there in the 'worst' case ... still better than anythin else. i still can take it under my name and say that "okhay u can chose if u prefer previous stuff" - fuk i want a new base for living, and i shuld talk alwayz about the worst cases...
- an office-bot as we can send fake key/mouzestrokes (onscreen billboardz and autoclickerz uzin these) and a printscreen and we can do anythin at all just like sum1 sits in front of the computer (its 4 clozed appz 2 break them mwhahaa) and we can automatize processes from the outside like thoze ppl do it who 4 they made capthcaz :D

...and it didn fit in a 40kb mail so i had to broke my mail into 2 partz