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Valerio Schiavoni: why am i a troll? i want these and much more 4 the ppl and not against anyone and not 4 slavery, i want ppl to be abled to live a peaceful highquality life widout this much problemz cuz i can see all of my planz are possible (dont forget about sense of humor wich waz also included as a sanity checker and just as self _expression_ and contrastz)

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo: do u want to kill me or what? :D any why?

Peter Hickman: i can still say only what ive said to Rob Kendric in the previous msg, anyway i wud like ppl get interested in this job whose understand how im thinkin, cuz its better to communicate wid them 4 me, as i can see it all around in my life. not as im totally ununderstandable, but as otherz are not syncronized enough, if there are a lotsa ppl out there whose understand me and they are alwayz on higher level of understanding and i cant cut off on my complexity if i wanna implement hardcore complex stuff from my mind. and rly not every1 understand my very own myself, but i can talk about anything 4 everyone if he/she asks, in a way that is more understandable and i can do it til every1 understand everythin, now i wanted to collect as much info as i kud and give ideaz and anglez and start plannin and organizin and i stil can reorganize and improve the actual stuff if sumtin serious starts here, but CIA already understood what i wrote if they saw it, im sur about it :D

anyway lets talk about the context, if u understood or didn anythin, what seemz interestin 4 u