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Duncan Cross:
i only read about LuaJIT, but it seemz good to me, as i think it shud contain a lotsa goodies for my goal (ive kept it 4 later uze after other priorz). wich is generatin immediately code 4 the hw level, what we can do, if there are compilerz out there. it semz to me it can reach the maximum speed we are abled to get (i think...).
we can/need to do a failsafe enviroment, wich is not fixed by variable types, but by all the possibilitiez, (maybe?) wid different handlinz behind the scenes, but it can be made behind one name 4 advanced skillz, or only selected handlin 4 a minimalistic verzion. the failsafeness comes wid the setz of the stuff we want to use together, as we can check that everything is okhay 4 it (scope type permissionz targetz handlin compatibility useable form - or [go outside]/[uze algorhytmz] 4 a solution, or ask for anything that can be handled, or new handln 4 the same stuff or terminate with the highest reached point in the process and every info, later outside it can be deleted anyway and we can give simply a table as a return and i think it dozn make any loss on performance), and then it can be compiled immediately right after the checkin.
4 sur it needed to be extenzible on its own, and if we dont want to [open a text editor (+recompile) +restart] for everything thats more complicated than '1+1', we can allow an unchecked playground wid testings limitations debug infos whatever and a button, wich is for allow it to join to the old and wize codez. it takes an enviroment wich can be a textfield (or a flowsheet later) a sandbox and a loadstring() where we can uze a predefined 'prnt()' or whatever wich is wired to a display textfield (or a canvas) and a trigger hotkey - and then an upgrade function.
its kinda like the alchemy game when we do any kinda math. the fails in it are that its not editable via itself so we need to make it abled to do it, as i already started to tell u how to (as u like it, but its a good way i think), and i have several unoptimalized prototype ideas around the selfupgrading (i dunno how exactly these are going on, but i have a solution for everything ive ever thought about thatz possible). if the file is runing from the memory widout picking the original file, we can simple make a temporary implemented verzion and overwrite the original as accept our rezultz about upgradin. if we sayz 'i cant save a runnin file onto itself via itself' we can still make two of it and run one and improve the other 1 and change it on every startin as 'ignore everything include the other' and i have a few more complex ideaz if its impossible 4 any reason. i still didnt make it, cuz when i left python in the very early times of this project, i started to learn and collect as many good and important stuff as possible - on my own and from the great internet, but now i reached the point when i can make good stuff but im running out of time and i still think its a big possibility 4 this small community of Lua 4 control theze fated events as u wud like it :) and the wick waz lit much b4 1 wrote to u, maybe otherz gonna own it or the CIA almost finnished wid my online communicated stuff and mayb thoze wich i have only in my comp or thoze wich are on paper only, dunno... :D (Dear CIA! Please forgive me, for I am making a joke from your name. I really did not want to hurt anyone, not even by feelings. These childish jokes are for others, for a better understanding around 'what I am trying to express, from my halfway insane mind', and against being judged how I am act.)

Dirk Laurie:
dont feed me im nonsens - i think my style is ambiguous, and ive never wanted to be judged by the visibilitiez, and i grew higher than it seemz, so shud i tattoo it onto my front or hide it?! ive chosen the halfway im extraordinary and i waz alwayz the same, im divergent, and my personality-o-meter 4 otherz is, 'who can accept my strangeness and who not' alwayz showz me right who grew how big. its 1 of my very first skillz, as i can see a lotsa propertiez of the ppl via a lotsa traces all around their life (proper english hides theze, and makes secrets pain agressivity law slavez and bleedin), and as build whatever i want into my existence eazily as the children playin... u can see it as im not fit in the box or as im bigger than the boxes u have 4 weigh. rly ur right, i seemz like a troll, but im not stupid im not against any1 and i kno soo much about ppl, but my goals never contained to 'lets tell it everyone that how big i am', i think everyone is equally valuable as they had the same time in a day, and they are still livin on their own weird way 4 a lotsa yrz wid no any die during, they can love, they can think, they are loved - what else i can wait from any1? on the other hand if u were better than the other ppl 9/10timez in any or a specific situationz mayb ur rly better, if u can make 10 challenges on lvl hardcore, while otherz are thinking what to do wid the first (wich wuz maybe even funny 4 u already in ur childhood lol) - then mayb ur rly hardcore, if u competite and only u get a golden medal from any ppl mayb u were rly better... and yep, i still dont mind these, even if i have a lot of highnessez, my success-o-meter is labelled like these: smile hug thx recompenz shinin health new possibilitiez strength or they leave behind their emotion-o-meterz end etc. and yep, even the weakest in hearth or in mind can glid ur day not even once. :) and if 3 of the most valuable personz around me sayz the same day, that they need me for all their remaining life, widout connection in the sotoryz, and other kinda emotion-o-meter breakin stuff regularly 4 me, than yea, plz say im JUST a troll (ok im a troll and im kinda 'pozitive-nazi' on my weird way), and i thake the ppl as they are nuttin, and i have nuttin to sho up 4 any1 ... nevermind you don't know my life, az i dunno urz, but im sure that u have ur own valuez lived a lot evolved still alive and still have stuff 4 ppl around u to make their life better :)
so 'swear' lol ... i dindnt kno it but okhay 'nomen est omen' then :D (anyway ive never learnt any Polish, xcept pääjääjää wich is mayb Finnish and i have no idea about the meaning of it)