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> Imagine the scenario: Debian, install lua5.2 + lua5.3 + luajit.
> Still one question remains: lua, luac, liblua.a + headerfiles
> will overwrite the previous installed files from other lua version, right?

`make install` will do that, but remember Debian and PUC-Rio use
different default trees.

I do the following:

1. Lua 5.2 installed by `apt-get install lua` in the /usr tree.
2. LuaJIT ditto.
3. Lua 5.3 installed by `make linux; make install` in /usr/local.
4. Lua 5.1 `make linux` but no make install in /usr/local/src.
5. Symlinked if needed to provide commands lua51, lua52, lua53,
lua53 in /usr/local/bin.
6. My $HOME/bin has a symlink to override command lua if
I don't like it.