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Am 02.01.2015 um 20:29 schrieb Dirk Laurie:
2015-01-02 18:28 GMT+02:00 Ulrich Schmidt <>:

I did not try to do a "make install" caused by the fact, i linked
/usr/bin/juajit* to /usr/bin/lua.
What do you think about installing lua as /usr/bin/lua53 and creating a
symlink /usr/bin/lua (if not exist) ?

It is not usual for an appllication to create symlinks. More typically,
the distribution does that.

"make install" by default puts the executable in /usr/local/bin.
On default Ubuntu systems, this comes in $PATH before /usr/bin
but after $HOME/bin.

So you can customize your installation by going to the directory
into which you extracted Lua 5.3 and symlinking $PWD/src/lua to
$HOME/bin/lua53. I prefer doing the LuaJIT symlink that way too.
Custom symlinks in /usr/bin are not recommended.

Thanks. i got the Idea :)

Imagine the scenario: Debian, install lua5.2 + lua5.3 + luajit.
Still one question remains: lua, luac, liblua.a + headerfiles will overwrite the previous installed files from other lua version, right?

--8X ----- Makefile --------------------------------------
# What to install.
TO_BIN= lua luac
TO_INC= lua.h luaconf.h lualib.h lauxlib.h lua.hpp
TO_LIB= liblua.a
TO_MAN= lua.1 luac.1
--8X ----- Makefile --------------------------------------

Why not add a version string to liblua.a, lua, luac, .. ?
Why not installing headers in /usr/local/include/lua-5.3 (or similar)?