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On Saturday, January 03, 2015 04:04:29 PM Ulrich Schmidt wrote:
> Imagine the scenario: Debian, install lua5.2 + lua5.3 + luajit.
> Still one question remains: lua, luac, liblua.a + headerfiles will
> overwrite the previous installed files from other lua version, right?

Smart Debian administrators are not using `make install` but build debs after 
applying the Debian-specific patches that handles paths and alternatives.

> Why not add a version string to liblua.a, lua, luac, .. ?
> Why not installing headers in /usr/local/include/lua-5.3 (or similar)?

Which is what Debian does, as you probably know. And also puts static+shared 
libraries in $(INSTALL_TOP)/lib/$(MULTIARCH). But these are specific to the 
platform and not suitable to a reference implementation that should work as 
simple as possible on the widest variety of platforms. No versions and single-
architecture systems are the lowest common denominator. It would confuse too 
many other systems to make them behave like Debian.

tom <>