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Hi All!

I think there is an imprecision in section 2.4 of the rc3 manual. The
7th paragraph reads (emphasis mine):

 A detailed list of events controlled by metatables is given next. Each
operation is identified by its corresponding **event name**. The **key
for each event** is a string with **its name prefixed by two
underscores, '__'**; for instance, the key for operation "add" is the
string "__add". Note that queries for metamethods are always raw; the
access to a metamethod does not invoke other metamethods. You can
emulate how Lua queries a metamethod for an object obj with the
following code:

     rawget(getmetatable(obj) or {}, event_name)

in this latter Lua code line the 2nd argument apparently refers to the
/name/ of the event, but it should refer to the associated /key/.
It could seem nitpicking, but the cited paragraph is very precise and
seem to stress the difference quite a bit. Therefore that 2nd argument
could confound the newbie reader, especially if he has paid due
attention to the previous lines.

Maybe /event_name/ should be replaced by /event_key/ or something similar.


-- Lorenzo

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