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Hi all, there was a table constructor question confused me when I was testing with the following cases.
tb={ 'b' , [1] = 'a' }

I found that tb[1] is 'b' but not 'a',  I thought 'b' would be override but not.

 tb = { [1] = 'a' , 'b' ,[1]='c'}

 I still got the tb[1]=='b' .

The PIL book tells that {"r","g","b"} is equivalent to {[1]="r",[2]="g",[3]="b"}, so in the above cases, I 
thought tb={ 'b' , [1] = 'a' } would be translated by Lua to tb={ [1] =  'b' , [1] = 'a' } and tb[1] should be 'a',
but that's wrong.

 I searched and got that the table stored in Lua has the array part and hash node part, keys are integers
 which are not less then a specified number N would stored in the array part,so I though keys are all [1] 
would be override by the following assignments,that all I know about this question.
could anyone explain for me? Thanks.

p.s. Forgive my poor English :P