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On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Sean Conner <> wrote:

>   I had no problem in picking up Lua, and I've been programming in C since
> 1990.  Sure, still make the occasional '!=' instead of '~=' but but that's
> minor compared to some other issues I have with Lua [1].

Personally I wish != were used for logical-not and ~= were used for
triggering __eq without the type equality check.  It would be like an
'approximately equal' sort of operator.  It's what I think of when I
use ~= in Perl to match text against a regex.  The regex (if
unanchored) will be matched through the string not only at the
beginning (unlike how one uses lpeg).

I'll be sad to see David go.  I liked his posts and he's a clever guy.