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It was thus said that the Great Lars Ruoff once stated:
> Although my very short experience with Lua must be counted in days, not
> years, I have already (negatively) come across points (1), (2) and (4) and
> i second the OPs opinion on them completely.
> Otherwise put:
> I cannot tell if Lua is simple to pick up for a non-programmer, but i can
> confirm it's cumbersome to pick up for an experienced programmer of the C
> family of languages. Is this intended?

  I had no problem in picking up Lua, and I've been programming in C since
1990.  Sure, still make the occasional '!=' instead of '~=' but but that's
minor compared to some other issues I have with Lua [1].

  -spc (Much more concerned about the division between Lua and LuaJIT)

[1]	Well, not Lua itself, but dynamically typed languages in
	general---typos are found at runtime.