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2014-07-09 17:26 GMT+02:00 Lars Ruoff <>:
> Although my very short experience with Lua must be counted in days, not
> years, I have already (negatively) come across points (1), (2) and (4) and i
> second the OPs opinion on them completely.
> Otherwise put:
> I cannot tell if Lua is simple to pick up for a non-programmer, but i can
> confirm it's cumbersome to pick up for an experienced programmer of the C
> family of languages. Is this intended?

Lua is a library callable from C. Your main program is written
in C. A fairly convenient main program is supplied with Lua,
but there is no reason for an experienced C programmer to
use that. Lua supplied precisely those features that are
not easily implemented directly from C. So in that sense,
yes, it is imtended that Lua should not be very much like C.