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Am 23.05.2014 um 03:52 schrieb Daurnimator <>:

> On 22 May 2014 13:36, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
> I have some Lua modules at, the most important imo being the PostgreSQL client binding.  I would really love to see them supported in this Lua Rocks ecosystem, however, I am no expert in this area and I lack the ressources to do it myself.  I am pre-occupied with writing and maintaing the software.
> If you'd be willing to create rockspecs and maintain them for some of theses modules, that would be very welcome.  Please contact me offlist if interested.
> - Marc Blamer
> It appears that hisham was once doing this for you :)

Hmm, indeed.  So maybe something is not OK with how I put stuff on github, maybe someone can elighten me how I best prepare my software to make it easy to "rock" it. 

Should these rockspec files be kept outside the sources themselves or should I include them in the repository?