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On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Kevin Martin <> wrote:
> I would be a little cautious, purely because the library will let you achieve a lot, possibly without having to learn the underlying concepts. You may suddenly find yourself massively out of your depth if something gees wrong, or doesn't work how you expect.

That's exactly what Andrew Starks said;  any lightweight abstraction
is not going to protect you from errors, and that's when you really
learn a system ;)

Still, I would be curious to see how far a programmer unused to the
Lua API would get.  The point of breakage would be interesting.  I
like to think that we should be able to wrap up the business of
loading and verifying a config file relatively cleanly.

llua should not 'leak stack'. (If it does, that's a bug).  But it will
leak references if you don't keep them somewhere and unref them later.