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On 26 Mar 2014, at 08:57, Journeyer J. Joh <> wrote:

> Implementing this using of lua to C or C to lua stack APIs were very much complicated to me.
> I tried before but only able to implement very limited functions was possible for me.

It depends what you're trying to do in your configuration file. As Luiz said, If you just want to get some text strings from the global table, it is pretty simple, but this is quite limited as you say.

> I now want some ready-made library or some ready-appliable example code.

It is hard to give you code, without knowing exactly what you want to do in your configuration file.

However, this is a little application I'm in the process of developing to track if there are any commits in a mirrored git repository that I haven't merged into an associated fossil repository. Maybe it'll be useful as an example:

> Now is the time I can look at llua.
> I will try to use it.

I would be a little cautious, purely because the library will let you achieve a lot, possibly without having to learn the underlying concepts. You may suddenly find yourself massively out of your depth if something gees wrong, or doesn't work how you expect.