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> On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 1:55 PM, Pierre Chapuis <>
> wrote:

> I am from the industry actually, and I have coded and supervised
> coding of a few game titles using Lua. So, I may have something to
> tell :-) Is there anything you (and anyone else) would like to hear in
> particular about Lua in games?

No specific idea. I read a few game blogs such as AltDevBlogADay
and they often do some interesting things I wouldn't have thought

For instance, recently I saw this post which is interesting: (link dead for now
but it should come back).

I would also like to see something about entity models, which are
interesting but rarely seen outside games (although I think they
could be useful).

As I said I am not a game programmer myself. Last year I implemented
a basic platformer and a basic JRPG in Moai to try it out but that's
as far as I went.