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> If you've got a topic in mind that you want to hear about on the
> Workshop, or what you want to tell the community about do share it
> here! :-)

I would like to see talks about Lua used in video games.

That may sound weird because it is not my field at all (I work in systems,
previously server-side, now embedded). But Lua is used a lot in games and
I find it sad that there are not so many people from this industry writing
on this mailing list and/or speaking at the workshop.

Of course any talk about the Open Source ecosystem around Lua is welcome
as well. I would also like a talk about sandboxing. I remember Roberto
posting code for a sandbox on the list and asking for feedback but afaik
nobody answered him.

I would also love to see a talk by the people making the Tessel board. It
is sold as running JS but the JS is actually compiled to LuaJIT bytecode
first. +1 for Snabb Switch as well.