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Hi, list!

As you all know, the place and date for this year's Workshop are not
yet officially announced and confirmed. However, this does not mean
that we can't start a discussion regarding the program yet.

If you've got a topic in mind that you want to hear about on the
Workshop, or what you want to tell the community about — do share it
here! :-)

No need for formal proposals at this point, just a subject and, if you
feel especially creative, a word of two of explanation. (And, please,
no flame wars in this thread, and no winding critique — if you want a
lengthy discussion on a particular topic — please, please do start a
separate thread! ;-) On the contrast, "me too" and "I don't like that"
feedback is, as an exception, welcome, even if you don't have a new
topic proposal.)

(I had previously asked the community to write me off-list with topic
ideas — to reduce friction, but it *is* a good idea to discuss topics
publicly. So, lets do that! :-) )

Anyway, what *I* (as a member of Lua community) would love to hear
about [I do hope that deep LuaJIT details are not off-topic for the
workshop :-) ]:

— Performance optimizations for LuaJIT, and other deep-engineering
stuff, especially failure stories, with lots of gory technical

— Notable LuaJIT project stories, deep details, success and failure
stories etc.: Snabb, OpenResty, others.

— Of course, notable projects using plain Lua too!

— Lua macro / token filters design problems (and solutions).

— DSLs with Lua.

— Lua-on-Xen and related approaches.

— Sandboxing untrusted Lua code.

— Lua in browser.

— Problems and possible solutions for Lua community/ecosystem
compartmentalization and Lua vs. LuaJIT split in particular.

— Lua module ecosystem ailments and possible cures.