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Hi Ulrich,

> 1. compile the exe with statically linked runtime and
>    __dllextported library functions.
>    (your mails sounds like you did this already successfully.)
> 2. run "mkproxy myexe.exe lua51" to create the lua51.dll and lua51.lib

I did follow this exact process; I also printed the command line for
link.exe and it does include a reference to luaL_argerror:
/export:luaL_argerror=lua.exe.luaL_argerror, so it's properly exported
from lua.exe.

I'm not sure how my situation is different from yours. Do you have
proxy lua51.dll I can test with?

> 3. optional: compile your modules against the new lua51.lib

I didn't do this step as I need it to work with any modules compiled
against lua51.dll.