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Why not change the Value of local var reallib in mkforwardlib.lua?
Let it point to your exe, before you call the link command in mkforwardlib.lua
This way the proxy-dll will point to your .exe.

I modified mkforwardlib.lua for my scenario. and attached it to this mail. You need to call it inside a Widows SDK command window. It uses dumpbin.exe to read the exports from <param1> and writes <param2>.dll and <param2>.lib using lib.exe.


Am 27.11.2013 06:03, schrieb Paul K:
Hi Jerome,

Did you try ? The main
advantage is that it produces a DLL with no code, only metadata for
the Windows DLL loader, so there is less chance of a crash. Also it
produces a very tiny file, if size matters to you.

Yes, I'm familiar with ProxyDllThree as I'm using it to support LfW
modules that depend on Lua5.1.dll (which proxies requests to my
Lua51.dll). In this case I need to proxy the requests to a statically
compiled lua.exe and it seems like this method only proxies calls to a


Ulrich Schmidt, 08060 Zwickau, Werdauer Str. 90
Tel.: +49 (172) 7928 968
local util = require "util"

local reallib
local fakelib
local machine

local errmsg
if arg[1] then reallib = arg[1] end
if arg[2] then fakelib = arg[2] end
if arg[3] then machine = arg[3] else machine = "X86" end

if #arg<2 then
	errmsg = "not enough parameters"
elseif not ({X86=true, AMD64=true, IA64=true})[machine] then
	errmsg = "'"..machine.."' is not a recognized machine architecture"
if errmsg then
	if errmsg then io.stderr:write("Error: "..errmsg.."\n") end
Usage: mkproxy <reallib> <fakelib> [<machine>]

    reallib         The name of the existing dll that you want to use.
    fakelib         The name of the fake dll that you want to create and that
                    will call the reallib instead.
    machine         The hardware architecture of your windows version among:
                    X86, AMD64, IA64
                    default: X86

  Example: mkforwardlib lua51.dll lua5.1.dll X86

local function readsyms()
  local syms = {}
  local f = assert(io.popen('dumpbin /exports '..arg[1]))
  local s
  s = f:read()
  while s do
    if s:find("    ordinal hint RVA      name") == 1 then
      assert(f:read() == "")
      for s in f:lines() do
        if s == "" then 
          return syms 
        local sym = s:match("%s+%d+%s+%x+%s+%x+%s+([^%s]+)")
        if sym then
          table.insert(syms, sym)
    s = f:read()
  return nil

local command = {
	"link.exe -dll -nologo -noentry -machine:" .. machine .. " -incremental:no -nodefaultlib \z
  -out:"..fakelib..".dll -implib:"..fakelib..".lib",

local symbols = readsyms()

for _,symbol in ipairs(symbols) do
	table.insert(command," /export:"..symbol.."="..reallib.."."..symbol)