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On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 9:43 AM, Pierre Chapuis <> wrote:
> If we adopt the convention I was proposing that the name
> of the package in LuaRocks should be the top-level thing
> we require, we already have that centralized authority :)

Of course, most LR packages don't follow this convention.  So that
horse has bolted already.

A feature I would like to see in LR is to search on _module name_, and
to be able to give a dump of all the top-level names used.  It's not
trivial (because of the way the  LR manifest works) but it would help
a would-be module publisher to avoid tramping on someone else's

Your point also fits in with the idea of using a scheme like 'go get'.
 There the package name is tied to the name of both the host and the
username.  This gets awkward in the Go world as well, since the
original repo may not be the up-to-date maintained one, and so forth.
(There are _thirty-one_ forks of luago, the basic bindings to Lua, and
the one to track isn't the original!)

So, back to Mike Pall's point about 'curation': a group with good
taste collecting best-of-breed packages together.  Peter Drahos and
his team have done excellent work in this direction with LuaDist, but
it's hard work.

steve d.