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On 19 November 2013 23:42, Paige DePol <> wrote:
Obviously this is significant change from how standard Lua does things, which is why I do not think the patch would get much use. I only really posted about it to get some feedback (thank you by the way), and because I thought people might find it interesting as I have seen the zero-as-true issue discussed elsewhere online a number of times.

How about -0? (negative 0); you also may want to consider nan.

In general, I find these sort of modifications fun to experiment with; 
e.g. I've been thinking of a _javascript_->lua translator, but semantics around truthyness are hard to get correct.

But be careful: please never market your modified language as lua (try to even avoid mentioning it): your users will come to us for help, and we will be very confused.