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Oops, the "TP:" should read "TO:"

Offlist someone asked if this would have an effect on the parser, however, from what I can tell it will not. It seems the two functions are only used when encoding if/else statements, which is exactly where you'd want numeric 0 to be false. ;)

I know that this patch probably won't be used by anyone else, however, I do think it is interesting how easy a patch it is to make zero's be false, albeit at the cost of additional checks for constants and numbers instead of defaulting them all to true.


On Nov 19, 2013, at 4:07 PM, Paige DePol <> wrote:

> Replying to myself just to add one change also required for making Zero as False work.
> In the luaK_goiftrue function in lparser.c one line needs to be changed:
> FROM: case VK: case VKNUM: case VTRUE: {
>  TP: case VTRUE: {
> This way constants and numbers will be checked if they are numeric 0 or not.
> Again, if anyone knows why this is a bad idea (other than because it changes the semantics of the language, but remember I am creating a new variant of Lua so that is not a problem) please let me know.
> So far, however, it does seem to work quite well, and since 0 has been false for as long as I have been coding it just makes me happy to have it work that way in my scripting language as well! ;)
> ~pmd~