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On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Jay Glascoe <> wrote:
> If I can get through that overview quick, I'll then head into the simple
> Android/iOS UI stuff for "real" code that does something (as per @Coda's
> suggestion).  I put "real" in quotes because at first we'll just be putting
> the pretty pictures and buttons on our nexus/iphones (but even this will eat
> up the pages quick).

A suggestion is AndroLua

originally by Michal Kottman but I couldn't help playing with it
further and making a more Lua-ish higher level framework.

The cool thing is that one has an interactive prompt and can bring up
a new activity about as fast as the device can cope, while working
within a live application.

In particular, there's a nice plotting facility:

This is definitely on my list of Things To Do Properly and in
particular ZBS integration.

steve d.