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On 25 September 2013 12:31, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Hisham <> wrote:
>> If anything in the above description is not clear enough, please let
>> us know.
> looking at it less than a minute, seems to use "the
> good old configure-make-make-install sequence", but without reading
> the makefile (which is seldom readable, especially if using
> configure), i don't know how many binary files it makes, how are
> named, if there's any module hierarchy, so on.
> so, no.  in this case it is _not_ clear enough.
> "readable installation instructions", for me could be:
> A: "configure; make; make install"
> that's acceptable.

I don't get it. "configure; make; make install" is acceptable but the
above file that specifies the same thing is "_not_ clear enough"? Both
do not say "how many binary files it makes, how are named, if there's
any module hierarchy, so on."; why is one acceptable and the other

Unlike your acceptable option A, the rockspec also specifies
installation dependencies and tells precisely which configure flags
need to be edited in order to suit your system.

>  sometimes i don't do "make install" immediately;
> after "make" i try to check what would happen on install.  not really
> easy, but i consider it's my own choice to do the hard way.

For that very same reason, LuaRocks runs "make" and "make install" in
a sandbox directory.

> B: "make, then put bump.lua and the "mole" directory on your Lua path,
> and the binary modules foo, bar and blech in your CPATH"
> this is _much_ better, since i know what goes where even before downloading.

Well, different strokes for different folks, but lots of people prefer
automated procedures rather than a list of instructions in English of
things to be done by hand, as can be witnessed by the popularity of
tools such as make, apt-get, etc.

Anyway, a rockspec-to-English script isn't hard to write. Here's one,
for fun, in pre-alpha quality, tested on half-dozen rockspecs :) (no
LuaRocks required!)

And here's the output:

Announcing zile version 3 - Zile Implements Lua Editors

An editor building kit, bundled with zmacs: a lightweight Emacs clone.

zile depends on the following Lua packages:
* alien >= 0.7.0
* lua >= 5.2
* luaposix >= 29
* lua-stdlib >= 35
* lrexlib-gnu >= 2.7.1

More information at the website:

The license of zile is GPLv3+.

You can download the sources at the following URL:

zile can be installed using LuaRocks:

   luarocks install zile

Alternatively, you can build and install it using the following commands:

To build:
   ./configure LUA='$(LUA)' LUA_INCLUDE='-I$(LUA_INCDIR)'
--prefix='$(PREFIX)' --libdir='$(LIBDIR)' --datadir='$(LUADIR)' &&
make clean all
   * $(LUADIR) is where you want to install zile's Lua modules
   * $(LUA_INCDIR) is where your Lua headers live
   * $(LUA) is your Lua interpreter
   * $(LIBDIR) is where you want to install zile's C modules
   * $(PREFIX) is where you want to install zile

To install:
   make install luadir='$(LUADIR)'
   * $(LUADIR) is where you want to install zile's Lua modules

Also, copy the following directories from the source package
to the appropriate places in your system:


-- Hisham