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Zile Implements Lua Editors

I am happy to announce release 3 of Zile, an alpha quality first
cut at distributing through LuaRocks instead of as a source tarball,
brought to you by the power of SlingShot, my rock releaser (get it?).

There is no shortage of numbers, so I'll follow the precedent set
by the other Lua packages I maintain, and use single digit release
numbers from now on.

You'll note that Zile is no longer 'Zile is Lossy Emacs', but is
in the process of changing into a Lua based editor development kit.
When you install it, you'll get a sample Micro Emacs implemented
with the kit as it stands right now, which you can run with:

    $ zmacs

(Note: there is no zile binary any more!)

If you don't have them already, LuaRocks will automatically install
the other rocks Zile depends on:

    alien >= 0.7.0       # Zile uses fast string buffers from alien
    luaposix >= 29       # Used throughout for curses and filesystem
    lua-stdlib >= 35     # Untested, though likely accept older releases
    lrexlib-gnu >= 2.7.1 # The only lrexlib with efficient backwards
                         # search used for buffer-gap maintenance

If you are on Mac OS X, and need help getting lrexlib-gnu to build,
feel free to mail me off-list for help.

If all goes well, future releases of Zile will be simultaneously
distributed as source tarballs from and as a  LuaRock
for easy installation management.  But, first I want to iron out any
remaining regressions with respect to C Zile 2.4.x, by making as
many easy to test LuaRocks-only alpha releases as necessary. And 
then the Lua releases will replace C Zile, which will be retired.

C Zile's home page is at

* Noteworthy changes in release 3 (2013-09-25) [alpha]

** Bug fixes

  Arrow keys work properly when resuming from M-x debug.

Check the NEWS file for noteworthy changes going back to the earlier
C releases.

Check the ChangeLog for detailed change notes.

Install Zile with LuaRocks, using:

    luarocks install zile 3

If the first 'lua' in your PATH is not Lua 5.2, then you should also
pass the name or path of your 5.2 binary:

    luarocks install zile 3 LUA=lua52

Until the rocks are available from the official repository in a few days,
you can install directly from the zile release branch on the github
mirror of savannah, with:

    $ luarocks install \