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On 7/16/2013 10:38 PM, NU-g.lister wrote:
:) I didn't know that thanks for pointing it out. i guess the owner can pick but the variety is still interesting and the tone is not preachy to me. How did LuaJIT compare cannot find an archive chart?

LuaJIT benchmarked REALLY well, even against many compiled languages. It was really the best dynamic language, hands down, and even gave Java a run for its money. It even beat C in one benchmark, IIRC, though I think it was the Lua pattern matcher (written in C) that gave it the edge over the C code written for that test. That combined with (generally) small code size and (generally) low memory usage meant that it really stood out.

The complaint was that people, for better or worse, use the benchmark game (which ranks very high in Google searches for many language benchmarks) to choose between languages, and by removing it didn't show the full potential of Lua any more. If you've seen the LuaJIT performance data on, then you know that LuaJIT exists and that it's really fast. But to someone unfamiliar with Lua, it doesn't stand out as over-the-top awesome any more.