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> On 7/16/2013 1:51 PM, NU-g.lister wrote:
> > I personally use this page to make some vague abstract conclusions
> > about what is a good language to use:
> >
> > 
> > note that it explicitly says a   benchmarksgame and there are no hard
> > headed opinions to weed through.
> Look back at the history of the owner of that page in this group, and 
> the controversy around him removing LuaJIT from the game, and say that 
> again about "no hard headed opinions" with a straight face.
> Tim

:) I didn't know that thanks for pointing it out. i guess the owner can pick but the variety is still interesting and the tone is not preachy to me. How did LuaJIT compare cannot find an archive chart?

I took the link from a Lua book (Wrox) and frankly found plain Lua _pretty interesting_. Plus I did mention that I will not look at anything seriously until it is for something I need to use or implement and i test against my requirements/solution at that time. Language to me are like spoken languages do you want a pizza recepie in Italian or French ... no I really want pizza :).

I saw on the LuaJIT website some performance data so if I am someone looking at getting the most out of Lua code i will consider it ;) without caring whether it is on there or not.