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Hi Geoff,

> myTable = {anotherLongVarName=1}
> myTable.aLongVarName = 2

> ZBS will prompt for myTable but at xxx it won't prompt for either anotherLongVarName or aLongVarName
> Scite will prompt for myTable and at xxx it will prompt for either anotherLongVarName or aLongVarName

I need to correct myself; I said that ZBS will not offer field names,
but it in fact will. I think the (partial) reason for the confusion is
that it doesn't offer them right away. Because there could be a large
number of matches for dynamic words, ZBS "waits" for several
characters to match. By default it's 2, but you can change that number
if you need.

If you set it to 1 ("acandtip.startat = 1"), you will see both
"anotherLongVarName" and "aLongVarName" offered after you type
"myTable.a". Note though that dynamic words don't use fuzzy matching
(as auto-complete suggestions do), so if you type ".an", you only see
"anotherLongVarName" and if you type ".al" you will only see

So, it seems like it is doing (close to) what you need, but you may
need to adjust "startat" setting. I can look at how to extend fuzzy
matching to dynamic words, but I think the idea behind these words is
to speed up typing, but not necessarily allow for fuzzy matching as
much as you'd need for API function calls that you may not exactly